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Oil Changes in Morristown, TN

We at Honda Morristown pride ourselves on the safety of our cars and the happiness of our customers. Our factory-trained Service Department look forward to keeping your car up and running. There’s a lot of information about when and why you should have your oil changed, as well as multiple types of oil you can use in your vehicle. Below we’ve provided some helpful information you can use to determine when it’s best to have your vehicle serviced.

How does motor oil break down?

Motor oil keeps your engine clean and running smoothly. Old and contaminated oil can damage your car’s engine, potentially leading to costly repairs.
Oil can become less effective over time as it is exposed to heat, moisture and air. These elements can lead to oil degradation, resulting in oil thickening, sludge, corrosive wear and deposit formation. This can be disastrous to your engine. At Honda Morristown, we’re committed to keeping you safe and your engine running smoother for longer.

What happens when oil begins to break down?

Oil moves through small passageways in your engine, lubricating all moving parts while also acting as a cooling agent to tackle engine heat. Old oil can no longer protect your engine, causing it to overheat and corroding engine parts.
Exceeding mileage or skipping oil changes can cause wear on parts that keep your car efficiently running. This lack of care can cause engine breakdown, which can be costly to you. Our experts at Honda Morristown are factory-trained and understand your vehicle better than any third-party provider.

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